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Crashed & burned

Installed. Crashed. Rebooted. Crashed again. Using iOS 9.3.5 on iPad. Unprofessional.

Not iPad friendly

Great for the browser or phone, not for the iPad in landscape mode.

Crashes, node stack traces displayed in browser

Can't use it on iOS 11 for more than a few minutes before it crashes. Every button I click to take me to the sale page returns a node module stack.

Not a true iPad app

Please make an iPad-optimized version on this app! I think Wikibuy is great, and use it often, but I want a true iPad version of this app. Something that supports landscape mode and is optimized for the iPad screen.

Always cheaper

I find whatever I need cheaper (even my favorite perfume)!

Scan it

Loved Wikibuy prior to the app, but the scan and price feature is a game changer.

Saves money

So cool I shivered

Easy to save money

I used to spend a lot of time searching to make sure I was getting the best deal. Wikibuy has made it so much easier to shop from my phone and saves me money. Great job Wikibuy!

Saves me money

I can't believe I ever shopped without this. It has literally saved me hundreds of dollars already.

Love it!!!!

I've been using Wikibuy for a few months now and I've been very happy with my orders - saved $7 off Charmin toilet paper (24 rolls), $4 off of a Ninja chopper, and $8 off of a Brita pitcher. So far my orders have all come on time on time and most arrived way before the estimated delivery date.

So useful!

I use this constantly to make sure I'm getting the best prices and even just to browse to see if any new deals pop up. Definitely worth recommending!

Great app!

Always finds me savings so quickly. Great for photographic supplies which can be quite expensive.

This is addicting

I didn't think shopping could get more addicting. This app is awesome and makes me realize a lot of my wish list is actually attainable.


No Issues. Scan search is amazing.

Awesome app!

This is a great app. Looks clean and it's saved me tons of money already. I love how it tries multiple coupons for you with a single button click. And the barcode scanning feature is mind blowingly fast

Slick app

Quick, responsive, and easy to use. It helped me find crazy deals on all sorts of home automation products. If I'm looking to buy something, I'll just save it to my favorites and check on it every couple of days.

The best way to find deals

I love that I can easily find so many products with great savings.


Easy to use and saved me money. I'm impressed. The scanning thing is like instant.


Free coupons savings on jcpenney. What more could you want?

No brained when shopping online!

I like Wikibuy showing me a lower price for an item. I like Wikibuy getting me cash back on almost every site I shop. I like Wikibuy trying coupon codes for me at checkout. Yes, one app does all that! Why wouldn't you want to buy a less expensive item, get cash back, or use a coupon code you didn't know exists?!?! Use it, you'll love it!

Better deals than Amazon on almost everything!

This app is awesome! I check Wikibuy everyday now for deals on products I favorited. Saved $50 over Amazon on some z-wave switches for a home automation project.

I always check Wikibuy before I buy

Wikibuy helps me know the best price on items I buy in store. When there is a better price available from an online seller, the Wikibuy app makes it easy to buy in a couple taps.

Doesn't find best price.

So installed and looked for a chair I've had my eye on. A few instances came up for the same chair and for grins I chose the more expensive listing ($209) instead of two other cheaper ($179) ones. App searched and told me this was the best price. OK, time to delete this app.

Its a joke

This app make money pretending savings you money I searched in app for server lenovo e5 it came up with $40 more compare with my search done directly on amazon website.

Kind of a dud

Ok, the good news: the app hasn't crashed even once. Seems solid and somewhat intuitive. The bad news: set up an account and started getting spam from Ebates. The ugly: Tried the app for 8 products I order often from Amazon. Not a single "better price." Tried an odd-ball product to make sure it was working and it found a better price on that. Good deal if I need a case of tennis balls but not great for books and every day items.

Keeps crashing

Keeps crashing. Will not open

Can't log in

I can't log in or create an account. Get a log in error. I had high hopes for there to be an app because I use a desktop plugin and I like it. But this is disappointing.

Works fine for me....

I got an iPhone 6 Plus and everything works fine....🤙🤙🤙

Doesn't Start

Crashes on startup on iPhone 6.

Have yet to find anything less than Amazon price

I've tried this on and off for a few months now and Amazon pricing is always better. I consistently get that message saying that they didn't find any better deals. This is a waste of time.

Cannot login

Service works fine as chrome extension, but will not allow me to login to this app.

Not working 4 me

Yes I am a klutz tech'ly. but numerous efforts & I'm still not there yet: (1) I originally signed on via my desktop (when not yet available for iPad). Although I think I accessed this on desktop ...still cdn't figure out how to search. Help pls. (2) trying to log on via mobile (iPad Pro) is even less successful. I am consistently prompted [difficulty logging on]. Also note / originally when I installed app on iPad I was prompted to devise a separate p-word.


Your all full of lies. This app is garbage. Won't even load. The positive reviews on here are as accurate as reviews on Amazon.

Constantly logged out

Toggled out of app and back in prompts me to sign in again Cannot stay signed in

Misleading articles

Hi, I came across this app by reading 'true cost of amazons 2 day shipping'. Which turned out to be an advertising article for this garbage app. Don't waste your time like I did.

Resourceful app, but flaky login at the moment

Great app, but haven't been able to login for days...keeps giving me an error. I verified that I am using the correct username and password and I can sign in on my desktop, but this app won't let me in. Hope this issue is corrected soon.

Can't even sign up... app doesn't start up

It's perpetually "loading"...

Not very happy

Gives you no better deals if you have amazon prime

Not good.

The idea is that this app finds a better deal for the same thing that is offered on Amazon. It did find a better deal on eBay. I checked eBay myself and found 5 deals better than the app found.

Is not working

Won't let sign up. "There was an issue creating your account"

Works great

Haven't bought anything yet, so I can't attest to how quickly something will arrive, but it very quickly finds cheaper prices, and does so in an easy to use, intuitive UI

Waste of time!!

Never got me a better deal. More often than not it was $1 savings on another website with up to two week shipping. No thanks, I'll pay the $1 for two day shipping!! Amazon rules!!

0 Out of 5 For Me

I got this app after reading how great it was. Well, it wasn't great for me. It crashed every time I put in an item and it went to get the comparable prices. Every time. That's not a great record in my book. Sad it worked for others but not for me.


wikibuy is amazing. Saves tons of money and tons of time.

Excellent service :) good job wikibuy

Excellent service I strongly recommend it . This is great

Crashes repeatedly

Read about app this morning and seemed promising. Every time I start using it and it keeps crashing I'm unable to compare their best deals

Fantastic service!!

Not sure what problem the other reviewer had, but this works great for me! I've ordered three times from WikiBuy and always get great deals. I got a new Fitbit Charge for $60 less than Amazon, a high quality Therm-A-Rest for only $30, and when I ordered an Otterbox for my phone and it turned out to be a fake case, they gave me a full refund and let me keep the case! They were very prompt to respond and very friendly. I love this service and will keep using it!


App can't locate my zip code.

Can't sign up or login!

So I love the service they offer, and always wondered when the app would come out. Apps finally comes out and it won't let me sign up or login. FAIL.

Great App-I've Saved hundreds $$ per month

I was lucky enough to be invited to try this app in its beta test for the past 2-3 of months. Along the way, they have improved the speed of the app every month it seems like. Once you install it, it works behind the scenes and searches a bunch of sights to see if there's a cheaper version sold by someone else than the one you've clicked into on Amazon. In my current use of it, it takes about 5-10 seconds for the app to search and see if there is a cheaper seller of it and when that purchase would get delivered. I've HONESTLY saved hundeds of dollars per month using it, as I'm a heavy shopper on Amazon (have two kids). I don't know how the technology works, but it basically finds the best price available on the web, including delivery and tax and any coupons and sets you up to purchase it right then and there with 100% satisfaction. Awesome app that I'm now going to forward a link to every friend I have to make them aware of it.

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